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Exposure Scenario (ES)

An Exposure Scenario (ES) is a set of conditions that describe how a substance (as such, in a preparation or in an article) is manufactured or used during its life-cycle. and how the manufacturer or importer or downstream user controls or recommends controlling exposure of humans and the environment. Each ES describes the processes and tasks that can result in exposures to a substance along with the frequency and duration and operational conditions. It must be adequately measured using representative exposure data or modeling data. It includes the appropriate Risk Management Measures (RMM) and operational conditions that used to ensure that risks from the uses of the substance are adequately controlled.

It is intended to cover manufacture and intended uses throughout substance life cycle, including waste disposal or recycling. It should cover all human populations exposed (as workers, consumers, indirectly via the environment, or a combination). ES's are transmitted as an appendix to the Safety Data Sheet.

As only representative we can help you with the preparation of Exposure Scenarios and all aspects of pre-registration and registration.

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